June 17, 2017, BACK on a track (of something)

So there’s been a delay in the blog. That can happen from time to time, especially whenI’m busy with editing and writing.

The result:

Nobilis: Seedling JUST FINISHED its alpha editing!


Thanks to THP and crew (Including editor Hypetaph) Seedling now reads even smoother and is a piece to rival any matinee sci-fi that’s out there.


It’s also less Rapey. Which is something I never thought I would write. Yes, there was one change, an attempted F on M rape, a role reversal. I wrote it about fifteen years ago, and at the time I thought it was funny.

Looking back on it, no.

So I’m happy with the changes.


Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting some advice from what I’ve learned over the last year, my first year as an actual, professional author.

I hope it helps someone, anyone, in the future.

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