Music as a Muse

If I had one thing to praise social media about, it’s that it lets me be closer to those who’ve inspired me. I’ve already talked to a few of those who are responsible for Genmos, and have mentioned them glowingly.

Now, I want to focus on another source of inspiration, the one that helps me to focus, that can drive my emotions, that can leave me smiling or get me pumped for a grand climax, a source that can bring images to mind, or help clear it so I am a blank slate.

I’m talking about, music.

It’s not uncommon for me to write while songs are blasting from speakers or squeaking from headsets. Even when I work on construction sites, I look forward to listening to certain tunes, (Where it’s allowed and deemed safe enough) and I keep a collection of my favorite CD’s burned to my phone so I can play them to help keep my attention on the tasks at hand.


So, in my works by others, I am adding a section, Notes to inspiration, where I will be paying dues to those musical artists who have inspired me to no end.

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