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Alright, the good stuff.

I realize that part of marketing my work involves giving some of it away. Please check in here regularly as I will be including short stories, promotional items, and deals.


So with that out of the way. . .




Here you can find bookmarks that you can print out for yourself, if you wish. They print out on a standard piece of paper, so they will work with all printers. Stay tuned as more become available.

P.S. I know some of you may complain that I’ve only posted male figures, but don’t worry, the girls will be represented too.

Kobalt Bookmark

Peter Bookmark

Short Stories

P.S. Please feel free to leave any comments or remarks, including pointing out grammatical errors to me. I need to learn from my mistakes.

Emily’s Flight V1.1.0

When news of her existence is leaked over the internet, a discarded teenage genetic weapon must embrace her unique characteristics and abilities in order to save herself from those who wish her destroyed.

Stephen Coghlan invites you to sample a short story involving a character from his upcoming novel, GENMOS: Gathering Storms, which is being published and released by Thurston Howl Publications later this year.

When The Cronquist Blossomed V1.1.1

When a commander’s transport is attacked, he must rely on the help of a species that he has no love for, in order to survive.

Based in the Nobilis universe, When The Cronquist Blossomed is a sci-fi short story that is completed at 3,500 words.

(First edits compliments of Scott K. )