Short Stories

From Flash Fiction to Shorts, these are the quick reads that one can enjoy when they have but a moment.



A Choice in Exile

When a disease destroys humanity, a test subject must decide whether to stay in the safety of isolation or join humanity in its final days.

Having spent the better part of a year in isolation, “Deuce” is notified a month before his release that humanity is dying. The controls for his cell are released to him, and as the countdown to his original date of freedom draws near, Deuce tries to find reasons to continue existing.

Status: Upcoming in Scary Diary PressMother’s Revenge anthology.

A Final Longing

When the earth is destroyed and humanity hangs on a thread, one survivor loses himself in an attempt to preserve the human race through a new species, desperate to both save his kind, and let the ones who destroyed their own planet, perish.

Status: Upcoming from Multifarious Press’ Science Fiction anthology

A Voice Not Spoken

When the Predators fail to vote, the Prey take over the country and have their revenge against their long-time rivals.

Status: Now available on Amazon, as of January 8th, 2017 from Thurston Howl Publications‘ Seven Deadly Sins anthology.

Joseph and the Technicolor Fur Coat

An aged farmer is invited to reconcile with his eldest son, but will their lifestyles clash, especially when his child admits to loving a scientific hybrid?

Status: Coming soon from Thurston Howl Publication’s Arcana Anthology

Tooth, Claw, and Fang

When a seasoned battle surgeon suddenly finds himself unable to treat the wounded as efficiently as the enemy is at making them, he is forced to deal with the emotions that he has kept buried for so long.

Status: Available from FurPlanet Productions Dogs of War anthology.