NOBILIS: Seedling


“Fun characters, engaging writing. Invites imagination.”

-Hypethaph, Writer and Editor, Thurston Howl Publications.






When her family of intergalactic hippies are brutally murdered before her eyes, a young woman inadvertently recruits the help of a grizzled veteran turned janitor, an exiled alien princess and her indebted human husband, four enslaved children, a genius scientist with not one social grace, and a giant alien that contains her brother’s soul, in order to help her maintain her freedom and her life. 

If Nozomi had known that the discovery of the giant alien would lead to her parents’ deaths, her brother being lost into a coma, and a world dying in a fiery apocalypse caused by her hand, she would have just stayed in bed.

In the years since she’s found a home on a remote mining station and has been able to hide her past by stuffing the giant alien being that sustains her brother’s comatose body into a cargo container, but then the race that murdered her family finds her. Forced to flee in a rickety spaceship captained by a man twice her age with just as many secrets, they are joined by an alien princess and her enslaved husband, four children of assorted species who’ve never been off-station, and a scientist with the social graces of rotting meat.

Together, they must try to survive the storms that the galaxy throws against them, which includes greedy mega-corporations, raiders, pirates, the occasional band of slavers, and their own phantoms from the past, as they flee from the destruction of their home and try and rebuild their lives.

Stephen Coghlan’s

NOBILIS: Seedling

The Adventure Begins in 2018