The Sunpilots

So I was listening to YouTube playlists as I so often do while working on a story, when I heard a song that was mesmerizing. Its guitar was simple, repetitive only long enough for one to find it catchy before changing to something fresh and new, catching me off guard just when I had found the rhythm and tune. The drums kept pace, pulling me along with the melody, and the base was subtle, a hint of emotion squeaked through, penetrating my consciousness and distracting me from my work.

Then the vocals began. At times a cool and relaxed tenor, at other times, an almost falsetto that the other artists in the group worked with, not fought against. Curious, I pulled open my browser and checked the name of the band that had arrested me from my work.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Australia’s The Sunpilots.

The Sunpilots are a progressive rock band, and although I’m not always a fan of prog rock, I was captivated and eagerly searched them out. What I’ve discovered is a fresh, indy-style sound that is clean and at times, impossible to stop. Over the next few hours I kept the playlist on repeat, sometimes letting the music guide my fingers, other times, stopping entirely to listen. Now I’m not going to name too many songs, but I will admit, I fell in love with a few of them.

I have played the song, ‘The Captain’, from their album “King of the Sugarcoated Tongues” multiple times. If this song was played over scrolling movie credits, I would keep around to hear this song in its entirety.  It’s not one of their singles, but it has made its way into my head and won’t let go. This song is, to me, an example of multiple talents, styles, and mixes that broadcasts what talent The Sunpilots bring to the table.

“Rain” Is a haunting tone on repeat that digs in and holds you. Every time I play it, I dance a little bit, mesmerized by the riff that feels like your brain is about to be opened for examination, all while the other instruments, including the vocalist, welcome you along on a journey.

“Faking This” Fooled me, and made me think it was going to drop into a grunge style, but it shifted just enough every few bars, and I followed it to its conclusion more than once.

So imagine my pleasure when I found they are still making new material. The group is almost entirely crowdfunded, but with sounds like this, I doubt they will be lacking.

I’m going to keep an ear open for them. I hope you do too, or at least give them a listen. Click on their logo to go to their website.