Angel Joyful’s Positive Thoughts

Within the first few days of joining twitter( It’s only taken me a few years), I came across a short-line poem that didn’t just catch my attention, it spoke to me. Still a neophyte to the twittersphere, it was one of the first things I retweated. Little did I know that the one simple action would lead to a continual source of literary richness.

@AngelVeselinov beat poetry has been nothing short of fantastic, and I’ve enjoyed how he can tell an entire story in such limited space. He writes a minimal of two posts a day, and while some are simple, others are inspiring, or heartbreaking, but regardless, I am excited to see what he creates next.

So imagine my pleasant surprise when he reached out to me, and offered me a chance to read his short collection, Positive Thoughts. I received an ebook in my mailbox, and took what spare time I had to savor his collected words. Each poem is accompanied by a picture from a different location in Europe, so even if you’re not digging a poem, there’s a wonderful visual aesthetic to lose yourself in.

The book itself was written in 2014, and most of the poems are focused and guided by a short collection of words, For instance, the second poem in the book, Human Nature, repeats itself every other line, beginning the sentence, and Angel questions something, and then either answers it or leaves it open for your interpretation the next line below.

These are good, but I had come to expect from social media, Angel’s freestyle. Lo and behold, in the middle of the book can be found works that lean more towards his modern methods, and it’s those shorts that I’ve come back to, time and again.

Hidden treasure is a perfect example. It is an encouraging poem, one that requests the reader [ or listener ] to realize their potential, and I honestly wish this rhyme was set to an encouraging soundtrack. All the while, beside it, is a fantastic and simple photo of the “Grotte di Catullo” in Italy. Together, the whole package inspires and relaxes, and is a demonstration of merging words and visual reference together.

If I had once complaint, it’s that the work is too short at a meager 33 pages. I wanted to keep reading more, especially as it just gets better the deeper you journey through the lyrical exercise.

As a first collection, it demonstrates growing talent that is already of high quality. I sincerely hope that Angel releases more works in the future. Perhaps a collection of his longer works, interspersed with his shorter beats, so one can see his talents in all forms?

Regardless, I’m keeping an eye on this master of lyrics, and I encourage you to do the same.


You can find positive thoughts here.