Tiffany “Syke” Ross of Shivae Studios

Just a few days ago, I mentioned that I was inspired to write the GENMOS series while perusing webcomics during my college days. What I failed to mention, is what comics those were.

Please, if you will, the art and storytelling of Tiffany “Syke” Ross of Shivae Studios.


For almost two decades, this dedicated artist, (it’s her full-time career, next to being a wife to a techy husband, mother to a special-needs daughter, and caretaker of a trio of devious cats and a young and demanding puppy. ) has been pouring out characters and adventures that never cease to amaze and enthrall me. All of her creations are steeped in lore and are rich with both sci-fi elements, and pure, golden fantasy.

I’m going to talk about only two of her worlds here though because I could write glowing reviews on her creations all day.


Firstly, I will bring to your attention, The Cyantian Chronicles.

Sci-Fi Anthro Drama at its best. The Cyantian Chronicles follows the adventures of a species that has come about to dominate the universe through multiple means. (Some are bred soldiers, others, replacements for a falling humanity) While not dedicated to one story. (It has multiple comics already, some with their own Canon) Each adventure is steeped in lore, and for those who pine for a fantasy element, there’s plenty of that to go around too. (Whips, a creature similar to dragons, play their parts in these adventures.)

The Genoworks saga comes first to mind, as it introduces several genetically enhanced experiments, and their escape from the labs into eventual, safety? Before their antics lead them back into adventure time and again. Akaelae (Later Darius) is the story of the leading wolf clan, and it involves the primary characters in their younger years as they grow, play, and get caught up in the conflicting politics.

There are other worlds and stories too, but I’m just going to stop here, and encourage you to seek out the rest.



The other comic that really sticks to my mind, is Alien Dice.


Chel in a simple teenage girl, stuck at home one night, when a stranger invades her home, looking to borrow her recently altered cat. After subduing the uninvited guest, Chel discovers that the intruder is, in fact, an off-world being, who has been forced to play a game for a chance at freedom from galactic slavery, a game which involves her cat, and a set of dice linked to its genetic code.

Let me take a pause here.



Seriously, Kickstarters of the world, the lore is all here, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG. I hate to relate this to Pokemon meets The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell, but how else can I relate it to you, the reader, unless you’ve perused the comic first?

You know what, go read it now, I’ll wait.






Done? Did you binge read it? Seriously? Good for you, and now you’ve been bitten by the bug that’s brought me back every few months.

For the rest of you, shame on you, check it out when you can. I’m not going to spoil any more of the story.

Adventures aren’t all that Syke offers either. Over the years, she has busied herself creating merchandise of high quality, and has often made available for grabs knick-knacks upon request, such as this Corgi water bottle. (Yes, I know it looks odd, but THE FLUFFINESS)


I could go on for much longer, but in the interest of keeping this article as something that can be read in a brief sitting, I’ll end it here by saying:

If you have any interest at all in Anthro adventures, sci-fi, romance, or action, give her comics a once over. At the very least, you’ll probably be entertained.

If you’re interested, here are some of her websites.




*** All artwork here are complements (and property of ) Tiffany Ross of Shivae Studios. ***