Gathering Storms Reviews

GENMOS evokes the scope and depth of James Patterson’s When the Wind Blows and the Maximum Ride series with a fresh, furry style. . . This is the grand start of a YA adventure series, I’m certain of it.”
—Bill Kieffer, author of The Goat: Building the Perfect Victim


Bill Kieffer’s motto is “Blurring the Line between Gifted and Twisted Every Day,” He does dark and horrible things to cute cartoon animals in text. His book, The Goat: Building the Perfect Victim, is available from Red Ferret Press.






The Gathering Storms, GENMOS: The Genetically Modified Species, Book One”, by Ontario author, Stephen Coghlan is an exciting Science Fiction adventure. Written specifically for Young Adults, it nevertheless caught my interest.
“It is a survival adventure to save the GENMOS. GENMOS are the results of a Government Contract to create super humans. When the program was cancelled the GENMOS were ordered to be destroyed. But attachments had been made and they were separated and whisked away to safe homes.
GENMOS are scattered across Canada, safe with families who care for them like their own children. They are infinitely human yet have the physical attributes of the animal they were modified with. They feel, they are able to learn what young people learn, but have their own individuality according to their animal genes. They cannot fit in without being exposed. One GENMOS has been sighted which is the impetus for this story.
“The GENMOS are being hunted; the government does not want them around. They escape and the adventures takes place across Canada. This book raises philosophical and political questions while at the same time draws you into their harrowing adventure. I could not help but interpret this as a reflection of our attitude that animals have no souls. It may change your mind.
“Ending up in the Cornwall, Ontario area, the GENMOS are, at last, reunited – but for how long before they must continue their fight for their lives and their freedom. An excellent and knowledgeable read for anyone.”
-Lorna Foreman, owner of Treehaven Productions. Author, When Life Becomes Real



Writer and artist, Lorna Foreman, has been a journalist for years writing on the arts. She is a contributor to Fifty-Five Plus, having written her column “The Rest is Best” since 1998.

Lorna wrote, produced and hosted over 30 programs of “Welcome to my Studio” for the local Community Television Channel.

She is currently working on 2 children’s books AND a concept for a television series. Her previous works include “Wheat Watchers” A cookbook primarily for Celiacs and gluten intolerant people.

At present, she lives in Cornwall, Ontario, with her cat, who is an inspiration for her art.