My Publishers

These are links to the publishing houses and teams which have helped me get my words refined from blobs of letters, into stories and novels.



My primary publisher. They were the first to take a chance with my works, and after much struggle, GENMOS: Gathering Storms was selected by them. Since that time they have also selected NOBILIS: Seedling to their roster, as well as A Voice Not Spoken, and Joseph and the Technicolor Fur Coat to various anthologies.


FurPlanet Productions


The first company to sign a short story of mine, they have used Tooth, Claw and Fang in their Dogs of War anthology


An environmentally conscious publisher, SDP was the first company to feature one of my non-anthro works, A Choice In Exile in their Mother’s Revenge anthology.


New to the playing field, but utilizing experienced editors and proofers, Multifarious Press has tentatively signed several of my shorts for their opening anthologies.