The minimum Word Count. . .March 18, 2017

When I talk in public, I am long-winded, take forever to get to the point, and sometimes my ramblings never even make sense.

When I write, I attempt to be smooth, quick, and efficient.

That’s why one of my biggest pet peeves, is the minimum word count.

I know why it exists, especially for commercial reasons. People don’t want to invest in your story if it’s too short to build character and relations, they also want enough words to make it worth their while to post your works.

That being said, I have come to dread the minimum limit. Over the years I have crafted a multitude of stories, some of them no longer than 1,000 words in length. I eagerly peruse the writer’s classifieds as I search for a place that they may call home.

Often, though, I am stopped by such limitations.

My style of writing has become this.

Plot and plan.
Overwrite( often to the maximum word count and beyond)
Slice and dice( trim the fat off that M%$#r F%$#r until it’s so skinny, Jack Sprat would be envious.)

Yet, some stories that I create, refuse to even achieve the minimum once my overwrite is done, forcing me to do the opposite.

Plot and plan.
Add Bulls$#@ until it’s long enough.
Slice and Dice
Add more bull
Slice and dic-
F$#@1 it. Submit.

That’s why I adore when I see a story requesting a maximum only. It’s such a relief.

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