GENMOS: Gathering Storms

The Genetically Modified Species

Book 01: Gathering Storms

  • ISBN-10: 194524710X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1945247101

“GENMOS: Gathering Storms takes you right to the heart of this action, as well as into the hearts of the GENMOS themselves. See with sonar, lead a pack, grow up with a bunny as a sibling. But, most of all, it’s action, action, and more action!”
—Phil Geusz, author of The First Book of Lapism and Evolutionary Action

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Gathering Storms

I’m writing this letter to you because I want to tell you how my family the Genmos, became recognized as living beings.

You might have heard of us in the news recently, but if you haven’t, let me quickly fill you in.

It all started years ago when my dad used a government contract
to create super-soldiers for his own needs. After almost a decade of
providing limited success, the project was canceled and we were
ordered destroyed. Unwilling to kill his children, dad hid us throughout the country, splitting us up from each other.

Just after my eighth birthday, my oldest sister got into some hot
water. Her guardian had died and she was forced to live on the streets.
When several witnesses reported seeing her, it sparked a race to recover her, and my other siblings, between my father and the agency that had ordered us destroyed. That night began my people’s fight for our rights, our freedom, and our very lives.

I’ve collected writings from my siblings and have tried to put them
into an order that I hope makes sense for you. This is our story.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Kepper
The last original Genetically Modified Species

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