Furry .FM

Thanks for the plug, Howl.

Um, that sounded a lot cleaner in my head.

Last weekend, my primary publisher, Thurston Howl Publications was interviewed by a podcast originating from South Africa’s Furry FM. They chatted about writing, politics, dry counties, and Publishing. It was an interesting almost 2-hour interview.

I’m stoked, because right near the end, at around the hour and a half mark, Jonathan “Howl” Thurston plugged GENMOS! When I heard it, I cheered.

It seems so weird to me, so unreal, that the book is almost published. Hearing it advertised by Howl, (Even if he’s doing the whole company a favor at the same time) just makes it all the more surreal.

It’s just a pity that THP’s website is down for maintenance, but as soon as it’s back up, I intend to let everyone know.

Anyways, if you want to check it out, here’s the link. Just a warning, because it is a PodCast, there is some foul language, so if you want to listen to it at work or around children, maybe a headset might not be a bad idea.


Today we chat to Howl from Thurston Howl Publishing. We chat…