Submission Calls


“The Beast By Lake Goodwin” Submission Call

Deadline: “The Beast By Lake Goodwin” Will be an ongoing project running throughout the summer of 2018. Please have your submissions in by May 15, 2018 for a chance to be in the first episode.

Payment: ½ cent USD per word upon acceptance. If you narrate it yourself, a $5 USD bonus will be paid on top of author fee.


Cheesy 80’s horror vibe required: The Beast By Lake Goodwin is an intimidating, massive critter easily larger than a horse, haunts a tiny mountain town. Although truly benevolent, this Angeluq is never recognized as such.

Survivors and witnesses of such ‘close encounters’ are requested to share their pg-13 tales. Please send either your recorded audio or your written shorts. Those whose works are featured will find their stories recreated in puppet form.


Please send submissions as an attached .doc, .docx, MP3, Winword, or .rtf file to AmMadre1986(at) with a subject line that reads:  SUBMISSION:  “Close Encounters” – Author Name.  Please include a wordcount.

Response time — Most final decisions won’t be made until after the deadline, but all stories should receive a response by late August

Note: For any further information, please contact Polar Dog Productions




Twitter: @AutBlackWing